Server update

Server is back up with an OS Reload complete.
I need to salvage what data I can from a corrupted disk/re compile php/imagemagick etc etc.


I think I can get it all done today though – just skip breakfast/lunch/dinner and avoid going for a pee and poo.

And also avoid playing with figures and my new set of Moetan that I got yesterday.


4 Responses to “Server update”

  1. Mr.boy Says:

    Poor Danny! I couldn’t believe you got Dug and it destroyed your server! That is massive Digg affect. I’m going to submit a story on how digg destroyed literally! Good luck!

  2. krapou Says:

    (T_T) wish you luck with all that hard work…can’t wait to see the site up and running again..^-^

  3. kurz Says:

    didn’t know what com before..
    all the best with the site recovering. p(^o^)q

  4. Nick Burns Says:

    Why don’t you have a real server? No RAID? No backups?

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