This is my room right now. A complete mess as I try to get the server back up n running.
Ton of terminal windows open on the mac – all doing different things.
I’m waiting for the technicians to bring back up the machine again. Will then proceed to configure and compile php.mysql and imagemagick.
Will then copy data from my localhost to the machine. The latest snapshot I have is from last wednesday so 3 days of data are lost…
Got some Moetans yesterday which are just sitting there…


Image at Flickr


19 Responses to “Update”

  1. Windbell Says:

    Good luck with your backup Danny!

  2. Bille Says:

    Hope to see it soon Danny. Need me daily dosage of Nippon stuff! 🙂

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Nooo! Danny! Was wondering what happened to the site and then I google’d this up, sounds horrible 😦 Hope you can get everything fixed without any surprises.


  4. khong co ai Says:

    Good luck Danny, i was thinking that me web provider put you on the national firewall ^^

  5. zer0kage Says:

    Good to know the progress but you should take your time haha. I’m sure the visitors won’t bite.

    Really though I was kinda worried the typhoon (my country is at like the tail of it) gave quite a smacking. I still can’t visit lots of jp sites. CAn’t wait to see this month’s Kureha and Kotobukiya Neige out though.

    Anyway ACE3 is out get it for mecha pleasure when you can.

  6. xenohawk Says:

    I was wondering what had happened until I checked this site. Looks pretty mess up, so don’t worry take your time 😉 and good luck with the restoration. I didn’t expect a digg effect can be as powerful as the ol’ slashdotted effect.

  7. Crash Says:


    If you need to recover data from a hdd, then there are some possibilities to bring that loss of 3 days worth of data back to a mininum. But I guess, you should know wich programs are readily available for file storage. ^_^

  8. Allexiel Says:

    Take care Danny! I hope you’ll get everything fixed soon, so you can relax a little! I’m sure you need it!

  9. Nirodha Says:

    Shocked!!! Good luck Danny and don’t despair. All your readers are a faithful lot (at least, I am!).

  10. terry Says:

    you are getting somewhat unlucky aura somehow, but do keep up and take care of yourself first, many are looking forward for your site ^^

  11. tuckie Says:

    ganbatte Danny san!

  12. Gorgo Says:

    OO Danny!?!?
    I’ve just returned from my last week of vacation…so sorry about what happened.
    We are with u Danny! But dont overdo ok?


  13. TT" Says:

    Oh my god , You suck danny .. Now look what you did TT” , We CANT Visit your site anymore ;p . Seriously you should chose better servers .. TT”

  14. Mr.boy Says:

    We will be here when you get it back up and running, there is nothing else like Dannychoo.com!

    P.S. You weren’t running a RAID obviously???

  15. kurz Says:

    but really im really surprised to c what happened..
    never heard such thing happen in any site..
    this could be the proof of ur site’s popularity!
    fried ur hdd! god..
    maybe when u got it repaired u can tell us how it is caused (technical explanation) n how u recover it n what r the precautions for this to not happen again. -_-;

  16. LordKen Says:

    O Boy. Damm. This is horrible. This is by far the best site that I have visited. High quality Pic and visual. Anyway to hope to visit your site soon. Good luck to the recovery. MAy the force be with you…

  17. Gacyako Says:

    I look forward to restore your site.
    Please cherish the Moetan Figure.

  18. Sarg Says:

    Good luck getting things back up and running, what story was it that got Digged?

  19. dave Says:

    Hi Danny, I started a blog months ago, one day I uploaded some news on digg, and at the other day BOOM! I got 100,000 visitors in 1 day, my site was just 1 month old with 400 visitors per day 😀 too bad I didnt had ads in that time, I would become rich, right now you should put all the ads you can to get more money! and buy a new and powerful server, by the way my site was hosted on Blogger, so I didnt had any problem with the amount of visitors, digg is a weapon of 2 edges, but I heard a chinese saying that Crisis also means Chance in Chinese, so I know right now you are feeling bad and all for the problems, but this could means a way to get more visitors and get more money!! so dont give up!

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