Digg worse than DOS attack

Digg.com must be the most powerful weapon in the universe (no exaggeration). Not only did it bring down the site, it burnt out the drive!
Working on resorting mysql databases (unicode problems), imagemagick compile, new php build etc etc

I know that many of you have landed here from digg – if you like all stuff japanese/life+photos from japan/anime/gundam/figures/mac stuff etc then check back soon when the server should be up n running.

For my current readers, thanks for being patient with me and I love ya all.

If you sent mail, resend it to me directly as the mail server is now up.

Below: I miss my site! あああなつかしい。。。

In the meantime, check out the following popular sites for more Japan goodness>

Kirainet (japan public sleeping pics here)
Akihabara News

Image at Flickr

46 Responses to “Digg worse than DOS attack”

  1. toxicmind Says:

    Unbelievable… I feel lonely without dannychoo.com~. Take your time and come back with full strength. Good luck!

  2. Aya Kyunik Says:

    Whoa, your site managed to bork my site XD
    My RSS feeds were acting up and for some reason the page wouldn’t load past the RSS code.

    I never thought your site would go down in a million years @_@;

    Good luck with the restoration process, it reminds me that I should keep a backup of my own site/database =/

  3. Ryan G. Says:

    wow…you just got hit by Murphy’s law , “Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong”.
    Looking forward to your comeback.

  4. tsubaki Says:

    I hope you didn’t lose anything important. All the best in recovering your site.

  5. BAPO TV Says:

    amazing, can’t believe it fried your drive though.

  6. lanie-emon Says:

    Don’t worry bout us, take your time to fix whatever wrong. Good luck 🙂

  7. alafista Says:

    ouch! never knew digg was so powerful.

  8. marvinryan Says:

    Hey Danny, was wondering what happened to your site yesterday. anyway hope you’d be able to restore your site soon. wishing you the best.

  9. Hangmen Says:

    (O__O”) Yikes. Nuff said.

  10. frankie Says:

    Gambatte Danny!!

    We are all waiting to you and your blog back online alive and kicking!!!

  11. Jay Cee Says:

    Cheer up otaku kids!

  12. D_Blade Says:

    And I thought it was due to more typhoons (you never know!). I’m already missing your blog.
    I just hope you will be able to get everything in order soon and that you will recover most if not everything.
    We will be there, waiting! So no worries.

  13. joshua Says:

    AH NO WONDER I COULD NOT GO TO YOUR WEBSITE …. best of luck recovering it … i love you web .. i visit it daily

  14. gundam otaku Says:

    Hey Danny, wish you all the best in fixing. Can’t wait for your site to be up again. Felt kinda strange these few days without your site.

    All the Best (“,)

  15. soonkiong Says:

    best of luck to you… can’t wait to go to your website again… which is visited daily…

  16. shin222 Says:

    Don’t overdo it and good luck!

  17. Dalai Says:

    Oooh Danny, I wish you luck and patience, and let me say you, that I really miss your site, is my sacred bible of otaku things TT_TT

  18. jjjlmx Says:

    It’s hard to see your site down, even i started to blame to my internet company before your web site of why i can’t enter.

    And welcome again to the wordpress.com comunity : D

  19. Ikkaku Says:

    omg Danny. I hope the site will be up soon. This is disaster!

  20. BeLe Says:

    Wish you all the best in getting your site back up. Digg.com = sux0rs. Too bad for all the lost data and the fried hdd. Do you have raid configured? If not, maybe it’s time to consider setting one up?

  21. GundamZZ Says:

    ouch…this sux…i was wondering whether it was my ISP’s problem…lol

    u need a disaster recovery plan danny ^_^;

  22. notfair Says:

    omg, hope it will be ok. best of luck to you danny, take your time to repair it ^^.
    Btw, really miss your site XD.

  23. fixt Says:

    Hopefully you’ll be back soon, looking forward to it!

  24. TinyRedMan Says:


    1 day no dannychoo.com = 1 day of boredom!!

  25. Kuu Says:

    Good luck in fixing the site ^^

  26. nbulat Says:

    I miss ur site!
    Take your time recovering everything, we can wait.
    Good luck!

  27. cyruzdraxs Says:

    It’s nice to see you’re still at it. I thought the site got hacked when I checked it last night only to find the Plesk help desk page. o.O

    Digg is like Slashdot…one of my friend’s sites got Slashdotted about a year ago and shot up from 0.9 GB bandwidth consumption to his max of 30 GB bandwidth consumption in just a few minutes. *_*

    On the note of your hard drive problems, I think that you should put together a data security RAID on your server. That way, if a drive fails, you still have another identical drive as a backup. I just bought a server for myself with a data security RAID and it only costed me $1000 for a Core 2 Quad (2.4Ghz) with 2GB DDR2-800 and 2 500GB Sata2 HDDs in a mirrored RAID.

    I’m thinking my next investment when my blog starts getting me some cash is a fiber optic card and a faster internet connection. ^_^

    Well, I hope you can get the site back the way it was without too much problem. Cheers, man. I love what I’ve seen of your blog so far. I Just found it a few days ago and everything I’ve read so far is nearly exactly how I think. You are like an older, more successful version of me–I’ll get there soon enough. Maybe in a few years I’ll be in Japan with you eating McDonalds in a Typhoon. lol.

  28. Hatix Says:

    gambatte, Danny!
    Good luck fixing the site.
    Compiling all that stuff can be a drag, I know all about it…

    Hope to see the site back soon!

  29. Mifune Says:

    May the force be with you danny-san 😉

  30. krapou Says:

    T-T………good luck Danny.
    We’re behind you.

  31. AS Says:

    Good luck to you Danny, hope your site goes back on soon…it will make otaku around the world happy, including myself ^-^.

  32. Eric R. Says:

    Nao! This was one of my favorite places to stop by on a regular basis.

    I feel as if my day is not complete! Gangan danbo-san!

  33. elyte Says:

    mm… this always makes me wonder… what the life after dannychoo would be like…

  34. Edward Says:

    Came here the other day when I realized your site was down and seen “main server dead” and thought Oh @#!%. Was going to send you mail -something I refrain from doing because I know your mailbox is always full just like your schedule- but thought Oh @#!%, mail server will be down too.

    Oh what a mess… I wish I could give you some help Danny. I know you feel the urgent need to get things back in order. It would be the same with me. We love ya too, not going to run out on you.

    Starting to think it’s an insult to get digged. Hope you can get some of that 3 day data loss back.

    Good example for everyone. Any site can go down, so make sure you back up. Luckily for us and Danny, he does backup.

  35. Pipi Says:

    Hang in there!

  36. moyism Says:

    Whoa, sucks to hear Danny. As others have already mentioned, I hope for your best and take whatever time you need to get your site back up and running at 100%.

  37. BaZhAnG Says:

    go go danny!

  38. cease Says:

    : ( Not good , but hey Danny im sure your site will be back soon enough and better than ever!
    Good things come to those who wait ill def be waiting , love the site
    take it easy

  39. Mad N1nja Says:

    I will wait for your return!

    Hope that will be soon.

    I wish you luck.

    But just remember: “Don’t worry, be happy”

  40. Gorgo Says:

    How is it going Danny?
    all ok?

  41. Demacrez Says:

    Gambatte-oh Danny-san! We’re all with you! And please, take your time with the site. Don’t rush because us rabbid fans want to find out the next eroge game/doujin will come out. ^^;

    Good luck Danny, and I can’t wait for the next update.

  42. Setsuna-san Says:

    good going danny we’ll be behind you all the way. Ganbatte!!!

  43. Mifune Says:

    Hope you’ve got time for a quick poo ^^;

  44. Marty Says:

    Good luck Danny, We miss you and come back soon!

  45. marvin ellis Says:

    First visit…Sorry about ur luck(Fu—rs)…one brite spot anyway… Lucy’s on tonite.Be Back Soon…………

  46. chun Says:

    I miss your site too! (so does the husband :P) good luck Danny!

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