Just an update on progress. The site is actually up but only accessible by my IP as I try to fix the remaining issues – mostly permissions. Got some lousy ImageMagick/GD problem with generating text on a graphic meaning that the captcha (number security on a form thingy) does not work right now.
Most of the data has been recovered – will go into detail when the site is back up.
If I can work out the permissions/cron jobs/captcha and a few other small issues then I think it can be back up tonite. Will update you.

A reminder below of what was and will always continue to be – bear with me a for wee bit longer before its all up n running.




















11 Responses to “Progress”

  1. Dalai Says:

    We willl wait for your site, danny, I wonder for your progress!

  2. daveinfukuoka Says:

    Hey Danny!

    It’s Dave from Samurai Soapbox. Hang in there, I kinda know how you feel. I was very frusterated last month when I was down. I am still dealing with it. I was getting a lot of hits from Google and other search engines, but that is gone now. That 4 day down time has cut my page views by more than half. I still can’t figure it out.

    Anyways, hang in there. We will all be here.

  3. NPC Says:

    What exactly was the article that was dug??

  4. soonkiong Says:

    haha… love that random photos thingy… really do miss your blog… X3

  5. narutard Says:

    Hi I am from Narutard Blog, keep the work! Gambare!

  6. Jay Cee Says:

    LOL Tenga for last !

  7. Ryuuichi Says:

    This happened while I was away on a trip to Goldcoast?! 頑張ってね!!! Craving to see it back up again~! Fight-oh!!! ^o^/

  8. Edward Says:

    Gald to hear work is going well. Hope you can get the bugs worked out tonight. There is a good night’s sleep in return if you do. (^_^)

  9. khong co ai Says:

    I hope that i will have your site with my coffee tomorrow morning as i use to have every moring when i wake up 😦

  10. seth.frostheart Says:

    keeping my fingers crossed on the day it will be up again!~ ganbatte! ^^

  11. Demacrez Says:

    Alright Danny.

    Keep it up and we’ll probably see Otaku goodness by the end of the day. :3

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